Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Article posted on: 9th November 2018

Clancy Consulting are delighted to have been supporting Tomorrow’s Engineers this week… and every week, inspiring the next generation to consider a career in engineering.

We need more engineers and for that we need more young people to understand how what they learn at school is used in the real world, therefore Tomorrow’s Engineers Week aims to change perceptions of engineering among young people, their parents and teachers and to inspire future engineers.

Director at Clancy Consulting Mike Powers said:
“The skills gap we are experiencing as an industry makes it extremely difficult to recruit but young people are the future of tomorrow. The apprentices we employ add a real value to our business as well as the apprenticeships benefiting the individuals. We are delighted to be involved in this development at such a momentous time.”

Mike Powers, Director at Clancy Consulting

According to the government’s study, for the engineering sector to gain enough candidates to reduce the skills shortage, around 186,000 skilled recruits are needed each year until 2024. Consequently, to address the skills crisis the UK government announced that 2018 would be the ‘Year of Engineering’.

Assisted by each of our offices links with education establishments, we are routinely involved with careers fairs, enterprise challenge days and various talks at schools, giving young people the chance to talk directly to engineers and engage in hands-on activities. We also have a number of students join us for basic work experience or more formal training placements.

One example of activities undertaken this week included Greg Scott, Director in our Norwich office giving an educational presentation on the topic of Concrete Preservation. We’re pleased to be involved in inspiring the next generation alongside Tomorrow’s Engineers, who have directly reached over 300,000 young people in the past year.

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