New Affordable Homes on the Avondale Estate

Article posted on: 25th June 2015

Clancy Consulting are pleased to confirm commencement of a further project on the Avondale Estate, Southwark. This project illustrates our ongoing collaboration with Osborne and Reform Architects in supporting the continued development of the estate and provision of affordable housing for the area.

The project comprises of a single story roof extension and a new infill block that will integrate into the current ‘U shaped’ arrangement of the existing apartment buildings to create new affordable homes.

All new apartments will be dual aspect with either southerly or east west primary orientations ensuring the provision of excellent levels of daylight and fresh air to the new homes.

Southwark is one of the oldest areas of London; it is teeming with history, famous sites, attractions, museums and an extensive transport system allowing for easy access across central London and beyond. The Avondale Estate in Southwark enjoys a strong sense of community amongst its range of well-maintained apartment blocks.

Avondale Estate is the largest of the City of London Housing Estates, the land has belonged to the City of London since 1251. The new development has been built on the site of the disused community centre; the estate consists of 18 units of social housing, a community centre and an estates office.

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