Minister confirms the inclusion of a Building Services Engineering Design Technician Apprenticeship in the fifth round of Trailblazers

Article posted on: 30th July 2015

Now entering into the fifth phase of the government directed Trailblazers scheme we will see the formation of 26 new Trailblazer groups that will introduce a wide variety of exciting apprenticeship opportunities across a diverse range of industries.

This is the fourth Apprenticeship Trailblazer to benefit companies, which are members of the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC). The scheme supports the government’s development plan to deliver around 3 million new apprenticeship opportunities by 2020 and as part of this scheme they are working in partnership with TAC recognised businesses to ensure that as future employers they have a greater say in designing high-quality apprenticeships that meet the needs of their industry.

As one of the 26 groups approved Building Services Engineering Design has been at the forefront of developing their apprenticeship scheme. Leading organisations within the field of engineering have joined together to form The Employer Working Group (EWG) and over the forthcoming months one of their main focuses will be the development of an Apprenticeship Standard for a Building Services Engineering Design Technician. The group is chaired by Neil Weller of Troup Bywaters + Anders, and Clancy Consulting’s Mike Powers is working as part of the wider board of industry experts to help define the new Apprenticeship Standard.

EWG looks to build on the already successful Advanced Technician Apprenticeship (ATA) for Building Services Engineering Technicians. As one of the first apprenticeship schemes to map the apprenticeship standards against the UK-SPEC competences for the Engineering Technician role EWG helped secure over 100 apprentices on the ATA programme across England and Wales. With strong support of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers EWG are proactively helping highlight the opportunities available through a career in engineering and supporting the development wants and needs of todays younger generation in turn supporting the development of the built environment.

Director at Clancy Consulting Mike Powers said:
“The skills gap we are experiencing as an industry makes it extremely difficult to recruit but young people are the future of tomorrow. The apprentices we employ add a real value to our business as well as the apprenticeships benefiting the individuals. We are delighted to be involved in this development at such a momentous time.”

Mike Powers, Director at Clancy Consulting and Industry Expert for EWG

Skills Minister Nick Boles said:
“Businesses must have their say in training tomorrow’s workforce. Giving employers the power to design apprenticeships means apprentices graduate with the skills they need for the job they want and businesses get the talent they need to grow. Young people on these programmes will have the opportunity to learn sought-after skills and enjoy a great start to a working life.”

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin, OBE chief executive at ACE explained the rationale around its support of the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium:
“TAC is an example of a very successful industry-led initiative guiding over 700 young people into apprenticeship places in its first four years of operation. It is clear to me that the optimism of ACE member companies, large and small, is tempered by a concern that they are finding it difficult and expensive to recruit and retain the highly skilled staff they need to deliver their projects. With an ageing workforce and a potential shortage of graduates the situation is only going to get worse. The sector as a whole urgently needs to find new ways to access and train the next generation of professional engineers”.

In total there are 26 new Trailblazer groups to create apprenticeship standards in a variety of sectors, these 26 groups consist of employers including Rolls Royce, BT, Dr. Martens, Pinewood Studios and English National Opera. Young people will be able to start apprenticeships in 39 exciting careers including Film and TV, Veterinary Nursing and Project Management. The new Apprenticeship Delivery Board will ensure three million people start an apprenticeship by 2020.

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