Jack Cozens for National Apprenticeship Week

Article posted on: 9th March 2018

A conversation with Jack,

Civil Structural Trainee Technician in our Norwich office

One year ago, we sat down with Jack to find out more about his apprenticeship and his aspirations. We’ve caught up with him this National Apprenticeship Week to find out how his role has progressed within the last year, what’s changed for him and what’s surprised him the most!

From a young age Jack has been keen to build things therefore design has always been within his interest. He came across the apprenticeship opening at Clancy’s on a government website, upon realising it was on a 4-year contract basis he decided this would be the best way to stay in education but still learn the day to day tricks that are involved with the job. Ensuring that he would not only know the information on processes, but how to complete them as well.

Now 20 months into the apprenticeship, Jack is pleased that he has been pushed to achieve more and produce high quality work, with the use of three-monthly personal development reviews.

How do you feel since our last conversation one year ago with regards to how you have moved forward with the company?

Within the last year, I feel that the work that I am producing is to a much higher standard than before, because of this, I have received more jobs to complete which gives me confidence that I am progressing effectively. Also, the variety of work I now do has increased, one day may be structural based and the next could be civils. I have been given much more responsibility.

How do you feel since our last conversation one year ago with regards to how you have moved forward with college?

Within the last year, I have progressed with my NVQ folder which will become useful when applying for my EngTech professional qualification. I ensured that it is possible for me to progress onto the HND course in September with the grades that I have achieved so far in the units.

Following our discussion with Jack we also found that he feels his workload is larger now compared to this time last year, and he is now able to complete a lot more tasks in one day. Such as section 106’s and looking at designing with help and advice from colleagues. He has developed office standards (Bluebeam), attends workload meetings, design reviews and liaises with design team members. He is also able to complete a lot of online applications with organisations.

Last year Jack informed what he found most interesting was learning to use Revit. This is a 3-D model software that allows you to position structural beams correctly. He has since also used Revit to produce construction and tender information.

Jack is still aspiring to go onto university one day a week whilst working at Clancy’s, and now he is also hoping this will give him the educational base to become a chartered civil engineer. What has surprised him most about his apprenticeship is the high standard of education that can be reached through an apprenticeship scheme.

In terms of achieving his careers goals, Jack is excited by the knowledge that working in the industry will also provide him with much more local knowledge, which will further the detail in his studies and excel his progress throughout his career. An Apprenticeship will give him the educational base to become professionally qualified i.e. incorporated or chartered.


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