Everyone meet Sophia Esoiememe

Article posted on: 9th March 2021

A very warm welcome to Sophia Esoiememe who recently joined our Building Services team in the Midlands!

Sophia graduated in December 2019 from Nottingham University with an MEng in Architecture and Environmental design and joined the Birmingham team last year, slap-bang in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Many would think combining your first job since graduating, with home working due to lockdown restrictions, may by tricky to deal with but Sophia seems to have taken it all in her stride…

This is your first job and you started during a pandemic, how have you found the experience of working from home so far?
On my first day I was really nervous as I did not have a clue what to expect. Everyone has been really helpful, so there was no need for me to be nervous at all. I do admit that I have felt like a fish out of water because everything is so fast paced but the team have been a great source of support to me. I couldn’t wish to work for nicer colleagues. Working from home has not phased me as this is all I have ever known, from a professional perspective. What I have noticed, about working from home, is that if I’m not careful it’s very easy to lose site of boundaries and you carry on working endlessly.  I do look forward to, one day, being part of a working office and sharing some team banter with everyone.

I have been welcomed as a team member and I have never felt there has been a divide by coming in as a female engineer. Any divide has only been from my own pre-conceived ideas and not from my colleagues. If I have ever had to reach out for assistance someone will always step in to help me.

Sophia is a building Services Engineer but is very much veering towards becoming a Mechanical Engineer. She has been working on the hot and cold water supply and ventilations layouts of a Coventry extension and refurbishment scheme and, more recently, has been using IES (Dynamic Thermal Modelling Simulation) to assess every aspect of thermal performance on the scheme. She has now moved onto HEVACOMP (Simulation and energy analysis software) which has been an enjoyable learning curve.

One to watch we think…

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