Article posted on: 19th March 2020

Like all across the industry and beyond, here at Clancy we have been taking in the enormity of the current challenge Coronavirus is presenting. With the continuous and ever increasing acceleration we just wanted to let the outside world know that, across all of our ten offices, we have transferred across to remote working and we are fully operational and it is very much “business as usual”.

Inevitably, the wellbeing and health of the Clancy Team, our Clients, fellow collaborators and the wider community is the main driver for all of our actions as we negotiate the challenges presented in a balanced manner.

No doubt like yourselves, we are observing and being guided by latest Government recommendations and encouraging all of our team to do the same, both in and out of the work environment.

The unity we are showing across the company is fantastic to see and there is no doubt that we will emerge stronger for the experience as a company and as individuals.

As far as many of you, our Clients, collaborators and fellow professionals are concerned, be assured that we have implemented a robust set of logistics permitting homeworking and total connectivity both between our team and the external world. Regular team briefings, design reviews, design team meetings with the outside world, are all happening which is great to see. If there is a positive to be had, I suspect that as an industry, we will emerge far stronger, having implemented “across the board” sweeping changes to working practices which will become the given, even though in the fullness of time, I must say, it will be good to shake hands, enjoy a coffee and generally re-engage these incredibly solid working professional and personal relationships we so often take for granted.

At the heart of Clancy, our desire to provide high quality professional services to our valued Clients is a given. As we approach our 50th year in business in 2022, be assured we intend to celebrate that milestone with many of you when clearer skies appear. These are unprecedented times for all but we at Clancy are wholly committed to our people along with their families, the industry as a whole and the wider communities we contribute to and function within.

We look forward to offering our continued support and receiving the same without exception.

We wish you and all of your teams a healthy and safe passage through these times.


Martyn Headley

Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of Clancy Consulting Ltd



View the full statement here: Clancy Consulting COVID-19 Update



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