Clancy’s Tour of the Black Country

Article posted on: 13th March 2017

Clancy Consulting’s Warrick Pannell and Scott Lydon will be taking on the Tour of the Black Country cycle challenge on Sunday 23rd April. The scenic 100km (62-mile) route will take them across cobbled roads, stony farm tracks and bridleways in the West Midlands and Worcestershire. Around the 50km mark the course includes the challenging cobbled climb; Walton Hill aka the ‘Waltonberg’, which was named in Cycling Weekly’s Best 14 Cobbled Climbs in the UK last year, all before a Roubaix-style velodrome finish.

The whole event will have a French theme, with French foods, coffee and a glass of Champagne for every finisher. In addition, everyone who completes the course will be presented with a lump of top-quality Black Country coal, mined from the ground under the very same roads that the route follows.

Both keen riders, Warrick regularly commutes to work (a 33 mile round trip) but prefers to swap the slicks and lycra for off-road mountain biking, regularly cycling with the ‘Cookley ABC’ (Alcoholic Bikers Club) around local routes/pubs and further afield. A newcomer to longer distances ‘in the saddle’ Warrick is looking forward to this challenge, along with the Property and Construction Bike Ride on Thursday 18th May 2017 hosted by Clancy Consulting.

Scott commutes to work via a combination of road and towpaths as regularly as possible and also ventures out on a mountain bike to explore the local Worcestershire and Staffordshire countryside with like-minded individuals. When Scott can manage to stay in the saddle (there have been one or two major ‘offs’ within the last year or so), he has partaken in a number of cross country rides, most recent punishments being Coast-to-Coast challenges from Siloth to Newcastle (circa 100 miles) and Barmouth to Chepstow (circa 140 miles).

If you would like to join us or if you know any colleagues or professional acquaintances who this might appeal to, please get it touch or pass the invite on and let us know.

If you are interested in joining Warrick and Scott please contact them via their links, alternatively contact Katy Bramwell at your earliest convenience.






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