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Article posted on: 9th April 2015

We have submitted the following article to the ICE’s This is Civil Engineering Campaign, the campaign is bringing together construction projects from across the UK to show how civil engineers shape the world around us.

Lytag Lightweight Aggregate was first manufactured in 1958 following a research project between John Laing Ltd and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to develop a lightweight aggregate from power station pulverised fly ash (PFA). At its height Lytag was produced from three production units in the UK but the last of these closed in 2005. Since 1958 over 16 million tonnes of Lytag was sold worldwide. Lytag production has now been re-established in the UK, with 2013 seeing the completion of a new multimillion-pound factory at Drax Power Station, North Yorkshire.

This new development brings a number of significant environmental and economic benefits; apart from diverting some 200,000 t/a of PFA away from landfill it will also displace the need for around 400,000 t/a of newly quarried primary aggregates. Clearly this is a major environmental gain, but at the same time lightweight aggregate is 50% lighter than natural aggregate and so can provide economic advantages in transport, handling and also use in specialist applications such as road bridges.

Clancy Consulting was appointed by main contractors, Fairport Engineering Ltd, to provide civil engineering design services for both the front end design definition and eventual fast-track build phases of the project. During the latter construction phase Clancy Consulting co-operated closely with Henry Boot Construction, the project’s civil contractor. All three parties were instrumental in delivering this flagship project for Lytag on time and on target.


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