Celebrating our teams work-iversary’s!

Article posted on: 12th January 2021

Celebrating our staff and their achievements is what we’re all about. Our dedicated team across the country continues to reach very impressive service milestones and we’d like to offer huge congratulations to them!

We caught up with Kevin Baillie, who recently celebrated 20 years’ service and Luke Griffiths who reached a 10-year milestone, to hear their thoughts on their careers to date and advice they would give to new engineers starting out in the industry. Take it away guys…

Kevin Baillie, Civils Technician

“At aged 16 I left school and joined Clancy; I haven’t looked back since!

I joined the Prestwick office of the then Hodgins Smith Partnership (HSP) which, following acquisition in 2010, became part of Clancy Consulting. In the early days I worked on various social housing projects for North & East Ayrshire Council, producing Civil design drawings to obtain approval from Scottish Water and local authorities. Fast forward 20 years and social housing projects continue to make up a large percentage of my day-to-day duties!

Though my work tasks now have similarities to the early days, there is much that has changed. One of most memorable and different moments during my time would probably have to be going into the first lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been pretty strange, from going to the office every workday for 20 years, to going to the dining table to work!”

Best piece of advice…

“If I was to give advice to anyone in my position 20 years ago or any new starters, it would be:

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. We’re all here to learn and help each other to get the work done.”


Luke Griffiths, Senior Electrical Engineer

“Thinking back over my 10 years there are many fond memories. Back in the day, we had a plotter in the Birmingham Office and had to plot and fold drawings by hand. Mike Powers, Phil Partridge and I would spend the whole Friday folding drawings for a project that was being issued to four tendering contractors. Talk about paper cuts, the trainees don’t know they are born these days! Does anyone still know how to fold?

I have also always enjoyed the Clancy social events, from annual formal dinners, to BBQs and the Bob Campbell walking weekend (see photo above).  They’re always good fun and a chance to meet up with colleagues from across the country. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy these types of events again soon!

My first major project when I joined Clancy was for the new CPMG (Central Motorway Police Group). We designed the new headquarters building off J8 of the M6. This building actually featured on BBC Motorway Cops, in which incorporated clips filmed from within the building. My misses definitely enjoyed me pointing out the lighting I had specified, every five minutes!”

Best piece of advice…

“My advice for anyone starting out in the industry would be to enjoy this time, take in as much information as possible and always ask questions. It doesn’t matter how simple the question appears to be, ask! As Mike Powers always said when I first started, “to assume makes an ass out of u and me.”

Don’t expect to know everything, I didn’t and still don’t.

Lastly, at university/college work together with your peers, they are all in the same boat. It helped me a lot at university and made it more manageable. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There’s always someone claiming, “That exam was easy“, “I’ve finished my assignment already.” Don’t worry about them, focus and believe in yourself and you will succeed!”

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