A Lot’s Changed Over 30 Years – Catch up With Yiota on her Work Anniversary

Article posted on: 5th May 2020

Congratulations to Yiota Jordan, Office Manager in our London office, on achieving 30 years’ service!

We can see from the photo above that the computers have certainly changed, but we’ve caught up with Yiota to find out a little more about what else has changed over the years and what she enjoys most about working at Clancy.

When did you start working at Clancy?

30 November 1989


What do you enjoy most about working at Clancy?

The people. All the staff we’ve had working for us in London over the years have been good additions to the team making for a pleasant working environment. The same is true of any of the staff I have met (or speak to over the phone) from our other offices. Everyone is really nice!

When I started working for Clancy one of the founders of the company, Brian Clancy, had a real sense of creating a family type atmosphere in the company. This concept has continued throughout the 30 years of my time here at Clancy.

A good number of staff have been with Clancy for as long as I have, or longer, and with a total of 68 current staff having worked for Clancy for 10 years or more you get the sense that the company must be doing something right for so many to continue working here for so long.


What’s changed since you first started?

Lots of things!

1.    We’ve had a change in company name from Brian Clancy Partnership to Clancy Consulting Limited.

2.    We had a change in the design of our company logo.

3.    My job role has changed over the years. I came in as a junior admin assistant and now have the role of Office Manager.

4.    The number of offices across the country have increased from 4 when I first started to 10 that we have today.

5.    I’ve worked in six different office locations around London:
a.  Gloucester Place near Baker Street
b.  Clifton Street near Liverpool Street – ground floor
c.  Clifton Street near Liverpool Street – first floor
d.  Blackfriars Lane near Blackfriars/St. Pauls
e.  Sardinia House near Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn
f.   Northumberland House near Chancery Lane

6.    We’ve had three different Partners/Directors looking after the London office.

7.    The staff in our London office, growing from three when I first started to 18 now. Of the initial three, myself and Andrew Moffatt are still working for Clancy.


What’s been the biggest change?

The increase in size of the company and introduction of new departments and services that we offer.



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