A coffee with… Sophie Harper-Pryce for Women in Construction Week

Article posted on: 12th March 2021

We round off Women in Construction Week with an insight into our GeoEnvironmental team and Sophie Harper-Pryce!

The GeoEnvironmental team provides a one-stop service to deliver foundation design solutions and assist with the undertaking of environmental studies and investigations, Sophie is a key member of the team.

Sophie talks about her hopes for more green spaces to be included in future developments, her advise to anyone starting out in their careers and her hidden talents!

Tell us about your role at Clancy
I am a Senior member of the Geo-Environmental team. This means I manage the day to day running of projects along with undertaking some site work and helping mentor the more junior members of staff.


Finish this sentence ‘The most satisfying part of my job is…’
Seeing a project through from start to finish, from organisation through conducting the site works and submitting the report / reports at the end. Not only does having a hand in the organisation and investigation works aid in a thorough understanding of the site, it really helps consolidate the information in your mind before writing a report which (in my opinion) makes for better reports.

I equally get great satisfaction from my job enabling me to play with mud and rocks.


How do you collaborate with other professionals in the industry?
We work closely with many people in the industry. We gather data to inform Civil, Structural engineers and specialist contractors on soil parameters / contamination assessments / ground stability to aid with their designs, liaise with contractors on sites and correspond with local authorities. As a lot of what we do feeds into other aspects within the construction industry, communication between the various parties is key.


Proudest air-punch moment in your career to date
Not sure I could quite choose one however being dyslexic, the challenges of report writing can be quite frustrating at times. I always find it quite satisfying / uplifting when a report I have written has been reviewed and does not come back covered in red pen due to spelling and grammar mistakes.

The wonders of modern technology make it easier of course but there are almost always a few that slip through the net.  


Best piece of advice you would give to new starters at the beginning of their career?
Be organised and take the time to be organised. It might feel like writing a list or reviewing it to update your priorities just takes up time that could be spend ticking things off the list, but it really does help to order things and stop everything from becoming overwhelming when there is a lot going on. There comes a point when you can’t remember everything all the time.


Future trends – what changes do you see/would you like to see in the industry over the next 10 years
With climate change being a major concern within the modern world, it would be nice to see developers and local authorities giving more thought for the inclusion of green space within new developments. There are lots of increasingly innovative ways to incorporate green space within developments including roof gardens, interior or exterior green walls or as landscaped areas. It is becoming clear to many people how important green spaces are in our lives, to our physical and mental health, and I hope that this will drive a change for more green spaces in our lives.


Lastly, any hidden talents you want to share?
I don’t think any of my talents are particularly hidden. I am generally good with anything that involves using your hands to create something. I also quite enjoy photography on an amateur scale. Site work gives some great opportunities for taking pictures of the everyday and unusual things.

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