A Catch Up With… Zaki, Structural Technician Apprentice

Article posted on: 3rd February 2020

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! We’re celebrating the benefits of apprenticeships and catching up with our Apprentices.

Zaki is a Structural Technician Apprentice in our Birmingham office. Currently a third of the way through his first year at college and halfway through his first year with Clancy. So far, Zaki has completed nine college assignments in Civil Engineering, Maths and Science, we had a chat with Zaki to find out a little more about how he’s getting on.

What does your role involve? / What does your typical working day involve?

My role at Clancy involves a variety of jobs within Structural Engineering. My tasks normally involve CAD drawings where draw details, sections and elevation. I alsoget to go on site to shadow Engineers when looking at different designs and problems we have designed. Usually in my day I assist the Engineers and shadow them with any job or projects we are working on.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I am a practical worker and learn better by doing. That is why I chose to do an apprenticeship over going to University, the practical working element and the experience you gain through apprenticeships suited me much more. I selected Engineering as it was an industry I wanted to get into and gain valuable experience in this field of work.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is my future and making sure that I finish and get a high mark in my college qualification. Also, as part of my Apprenticeship I am doing an NVQ which involves doing an end point assessment where I will qualify to be a part of the Institute of Civil Engineers. This is a great motivation as I am excited to be a part of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

How did you get into Civil/Structural Engineering?

I got into Civil and Structural Engineering as both of my Grandads were Engineers, so I started gaining an interest in engineering from a young age. During my time at school I enjoyed Maths, Science and Design Technology, all these topics are key to engineering, with this and a natural interest in the topic, I knew it was the best option for me.

Looking back, what would you say to your 15-year-old, school leaving self?

I would say to take every opportunity that I get and don’t turn down valuable life experiences. I would also tell myself not to follow the crowd and to do what is best for me. For example, not going to Sixth Form and University just because that’s what everyone else I know is doing.

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