A Catch Up With… Jack, Civil/Structural Trainee Technician

Article posted on: 5th February 2020

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is underway, the annual weeklong celebration of apprenticeships across England is a time for us to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country. Also this week our apprentices are sharing their experiences to raise awareness of the benefits of apprenticeship programmes!

We caught up with Jack, Civil and Structural Trainee Technician in our Norwich office. Jack has been with Clancy three and a half years, he’s currently completing the second year of his HND after completing the BTEC level 3.


What does your role involve?

A typical day can include tasks like 3D modelling in Revit, design and marking up CAD drawings, speaking with councils and other organisations. I also create detailed drainage design models using specialist software. I have progressed massively using the 3D modelling software within the past year due to  being able to listen to conversations and discuss the topics in more detail allowing me to further my learning.


Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I originally hadn’t thought about getting an apprenticeship as my school hadn’t advertised them. However, I saw this job opening on a government website and saw that the opening was on a 4-year contract. I then realised that this could be the best way to stay in education but still learn the day to day tricks that are involved with the job, ensuring that I would not only know the information on processes, but how to complete them as well.


What would you say to Year 9 and above students about Apprenticeships?

When I was in school there was little information provided about apprenticeships, so they were seen as being very limiting and mainly jobs involving manual labour, but there are apprenticeships in almost all industries so it shouldn’t be ruled out. There’s also no reason to turn away from an apprenticeship due to wanting to go to university as companies like Clancy will sponsor you to attend university whilst you work, allowing you to further approve your knowledge.


How did you get into Civil / Structural Engineering?

I have a large engineering background in my family, so I was brought up around engineering problems and wanting to solve them, even from a young age. I always knew I wanted to be an engineer but just wasn’t sure in which industry. I chose Civil & Structural Engineering as the work involved allows me to produce something and have something physical to show for it afterwards.


What project have you enjoyed working on recently, and why?

I have recently been given more projects that need to be 3D modelled so this has been really interesting for me learning the new systems. One of the projects I modelled was a large warehouse building which had multiple building levels and design requirements, which meant it was tricky to complete.

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