A Catch Up With… Chris, Senior Structural Engineer

Article posted on: 2nd September 2020

Six months into life as a Chartered Engineer we catch up with Chris Mills, Senior Structural Engineer as he shares his most memorable day in the office, greatest engineering challenge and how he enjoys his weekends (we’re exhausted just listening!) Also hear about his favourite piece of engineering… “I am fascinated by the sheer size (it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower!) and beauty of the engineering marvel.” What could it be??

  • What’s been your biggest project highlight whilst working at Clancy, and also the biggest project challenge you’ve come across

Probably the design of the new Climafuel store for Cemex UK. A huge twin portal-framed structure standing at 25m tall with a differential deflection tolerance of 3mm due to the two overhead moving cranes than operate 24hours a day. The steel frame is sat on a 4m high x 1.5m wide RC retaining wall supporting the fixed bases above. Not to mention the corner of the structure which sits over a quarry face.

  • What has been the most memorable day in the office since joining Clancy

It’s hard to pick just one day. I always really enjoy Christmas Eve as everyone is together and the atmosphere is brilliant.

  • Favourite piece of engineering or infrastructure project in the world, and why

The Millau Viaduct. Whilst I’m not a bridge engineer, I am fascinated by the sheer size (it’s taller than the Eiffel tower!) and beauty of the engineering marvel. 127,000 Tonnes of concrete, 19,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement and 5,000 tonnes of pre-stressed steel. Well worth the 8euros to cross over if you ask me.

  • Describe your perfect Saturday

Climb a mountain, pub dinner and a few pints after, then climb up another with a tent for sunset. See photos – the two images on the mountain are on the summit of Pillar in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago.

  • Proudest air-punch moment in your career to date

Passing my chartership. Any structural engineer’s biggest goal!

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