Structural Engineering

The provision of high quality structural engineering professional services has been a mainstay of Clancy since the inception of the Company in the early 1970’s. Every project brings with it a unique set of challenges and demands a bespoke approach to the structural design.

The vast experience Clancy has accrued over the years enables our skilled engineers to apply lessons learned with each new project. Clancy provides high level involvement at all stages of projects, most significantly at the outset, when there is maximum opportunity to apply and reap the benefit of value engineering.

Our engineers are mindful of the design aspirations that clients seek to achieve. We offer pragmatic solutions that enable best overall value to be achieved on behalf of the client.

Clancy are engaged under a wide variety of client and contractor appointments which ensures we maintain a clear focus on achieving aesthetically pleasing, buildable and economic design solutions. We collaborate with all stakeholders, (client, design team members) to establish key drivers for each and every design we work on. Our designs incorporate essential consideration of health and safety issues during and post construction.

Sustainability is at the core of our design process. This yields functional structural solutions with the minimum amount of structural fabric. The structural design, in a variety of materials including steel, concrete, masonry and timber, is carried out sympathetically in collaboration with other disciplines, to ensure a design solution which complements the architectural scheme.

Innovation lies at the forefront of our structural design philosophy. We are regularly engaged in delivering projects using modern methods of construction, sometimes in conjunction with more traditional structural forms. Throughout the design process we apply our expert knowledge to add value.

With each and every project, we seek to add real value by offering proactive engineering experience based quality advice.

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