Low Carbon Appraisal

We employ registered CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants; we advise and challenge the design development of Building passive design elements and Engineering Services to optimise the performance and reduce energy, carbon demand and emissions respectively.

We also employ accredited Energy Assessors who undertake Energy Surveys and reports on existing buildings and Engineering Services to enhance carbon and energy performance.

Low Carbon Appraisal can also overlap with Energy Strategy development and renewable energy systems to produce a multi-disciplinary solution.

As part of Low Carbon Appraisal offering we provide the following services to clients across many sectors:

  • Energy Surveys
  • Carbon Emission Reduction Advice
  • Control Strategy Development and Advice
  • Building Fabric Performance Evaluation
  • Energy Management Advice
  • Daylighting Modelling and improvement advice
  • Lighting Control Advice and specification
  • Existing Building Appraisals including Energy Audits and Energy Certification
  • Zero Carbon Challenges
  • Dynamic Thermal Modelling
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Renewable Energy Studies
  • Building Performance Improvement

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