Lead Consultant

As a diverse and project focused business, we recognise the need and importance of co-ordination and management. We are able to lead the technical delivery of a project within a focused project management framework, to consistently deliver on time, within budget and with a minimum level of change, whether they be small bespoke projects or major developments.

Our technical diversity, experience, skills and high level or project understanding, place us ideally to undertake the role of lead consultant. We strive to work with our Clients and support them in minimising their project risks from concept through to construction and leading them through the delivery and procurement of their projects. Staying at the forefront of policy, strategy and technology is our strength, as is our traditional involvement with projects from concept to completion and often into maintenance.

We have a number of highly skilled and experienced staff across the business who regularly undertake the role of lead consultant and who bring a consistent approach and range of personal qualities including:

  • An ability to effectively lead and manage a broad technical team
  • Structured and clear in approach
  • Able to support and work alongside Clients understanding their key drivers and project deliverables
  • An ability to lead and manage and drive the decision making process
  • Good communicators
  • An ability to look beyond the problem
  • Experienced in the management and mitigation of risk and opportunity

In delivering our lead consultant role our involvement includes:

  • Working with the Clients to understand their key project drivers and deliverables
  • Establishing the delivery framework
  • Preparing and managing the project programme
  • Managing the project through key project stages or gateways
  • Preparing technical briefs and procuring services
  • Leading and managing the delivery process
  • Working with the Client to Manage their project risks and opportunities
  • Change Control to manage costs
  • Managing the design interface and Reporting on progress
  • Undertaking Value Management/Value Engineering activities
  • Supporting the procurement process
  • Tender Preparation and Interviews
  • Contract Administration

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