GeoEnvironmental appraisals combine both geotechnical and contaminated land assessments which provide the client with a cost effective way of appraising potential development sites.  Typically, the investigation aims to provide sufficient information to allow foundation, highways and drainage designs to be undertaken, and to assist with the discharge of Planning Conditions which may have been imposed relating to contaminated land. Ordinarily, a Phase 1 Desk Top study will be undertaken and this will inform the extent of intrusive work required as part of a Phase 2 Investigation.

With increasing complexity and difficulties in obtaining Planning Approvals, we routinely assist at Pre Planning stage in order to ensure smooth transition through the Planning process.

The GeoEnvironmental Department have a proven track record in designing and implementing site investigations which include desk based studies, contaminated land assessment, geotechnical appraisals, development of economic remediation strategies and subsequently, supervision and verification of ground preparatory and remediation works.

We have significant experience in dealing with difficult geotechnical and contaminated land sites across the UK.  Being a multi-disciplinary consultancy we can draw on a wide range of expertise from within the company to offer pragmatic, deliverable solutions. Invariably, we are engaged on a multidisciplinary basis and the in-house dialogue which takes place ensures that intrusive SI works are designed to support the C & S colleagues with subsequent design decisions.


  • Preliminary Risk Assessment (Desk Based Studies)
  • Contaminated Land Risk Assessment (Human Health & Controlled Waters)
  • Gas Risk Assessment and Environmental Monitoring
  • Design and Implementation of Remediation Strategies
  • Supervision and Verification of Site Remediation Works
  • Due Diligence and Pre-Acquisition Assessment
  • Geotechnical Ground Investigation
  • Foundation, Highways and Drainage Design
  • Mining and Subsidence Investigations
  • Project Management and Regulatory Liaison

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