Flood Risk Assessment

Flooding from rivers and coastal waters is a natural process which can damage property
and cause significant distress to people and even loss of life. This can be intensified through location, design, land use and the consequences of future climate change.

Sustainable patterns of development within the planning process require the avoidance of flood risk and accommodating the impacts.

Clancy provides Flood Risk Assessments and advice on the use of sustainable urban drainage systems for the development of brownfield and greenfield sites.

Our expertise in flood risk analysis provides solutions to satisfy the planning authority’s requirements in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Through the use of hydraulic modelling and interpretation of Environment Agency/Drainage Board flood information we analyse the conveyance of stormwater on site, treatment and control of runoff.

Our aim is to ensure optimum designs that consider greenfield runoff flows, recharging of ground water and rainwater reuse to ensure the enhancement of environmental capital and mitigation of flooding issues, to satisfy the requirements of planning guidance and policy.


We offer advice and expertise at pre-planning through to construction for:

  • Flood Risk Assessments (outline and full planning) – rivers and sea and all sources of flooding
  • Sustainable drainage assessments
  • Exceedance events
  • Calculations for pre and post development surface water runoff for different storm events
  • Surface water flooding assessments
  • Overland flow modelling
  • Surface and foul water drainage strategies
  • Flood Management Plans
  • Environmental permit application support

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