Building Services

The full integration of Building Services within the building form and structure is at the heart of our collaborative approach to a successful project delivery.  We strive to minimise building energy use and environmental impact by providing a holistic design solution. This involves the proactive deployment of innovative design solutions that form part of our everyday approach to the design of buildings and their systems. We Incorporate our innovative designs within an overarching framework of both cost and technical monitoring which ensures that we provide well designed, cost effective buildings, which provide high quality environments for end users to live, work and play in.

We develop building concepts using various software tools and the incorporation of dynamic thermal simulation at the heart of the process to ensure that environmental, thermal and daylighting parameters are explored, tested, developed and implemented on the projects entrusted to us. This approach provides the delivery criteria for the health and wellbeing of the building occupants and its sustainable performance during its operating life is maximised.

Utilising a fully integrated technical design (REVIT/IES) and specification publication platform (NBS) we align our processes to be compliant to BIM Level 2 PAS 1192 and PAS91 standards.

The reuse of existing buildings and services is a highly sustainable solution to the provision of usable space; we work in conjunction with our Building Appraisal colleagues to help deliver successful solutions for our clients.

Utilising our in house BREEAM assessors and our LEED, SKA capability, we ensure feedback is provided on the experience gained across all aspects of the projects that we undertake. Our experienced assessors are able to undertake assessments across the full range of building types that exist in the UK and in conjunction with our in house BREEAM Accredited Professionals (AP) enables us to provide a full range of environmental services to our client base.

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