Our specialist team of in-house environmental engineers can deliver a full range of services to manage the sustainability and ecological concerns across the full life cycle of a project and deliver award winning solutions.

We have an extensive experience of working on a broad range of environmentally challenging projects and delivering cost effective sustainable solutions for projects ranging from smaller isolated concerns to large complex projects with multiple stakeholders.

Society’s concern for the environment has ensured environmental sustainability is now central to all projects and sits at the top of the corporate, social and regulatory agenda.

Integrating innovation

Through our environmental services we draw upon our broad engineering expertise to identify and mitigate risk and provide pragmatic, cost effective solutions across a wide range of complex issues. Through our multi-disciplinary in-house team we are able to ensure environmental issues or concerns are considered at every stage of a project. Our multi-disciplinary service ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget whilst gaining regulatory approvals and ensuring risk is managed in a sustainable way.

Specialist knowledge and services

In particular, we offer advice on the implications of where and how to build, the effects on the local ecology, and how sustainable energy solutions can be implemented to help meet the demands of the development.

We can help with the necessary pre and post construction certification and compliance; with the regulatory, legislative and impact assessment of a project’s initial development, and with the project’s ongoing demands on the environment through its economic life cycle.


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