As the healthcare sector continues to evolve with the introduction of new treatments and technologies, and the change in patient demographics steers a need for new means of care, we recognise the importance of providing facilities that meet the needs of today whilst anticipating the demands of tomorrow.

The facilities we deliver offer a place of care and respite to those utilising them, we are sensitive to the needs of the end user and unique pressures and requirements placed on those both working within and utilising care facilities.

Innovation for the future

With experience of providing for both public and private sector clients we can demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. We understand the key issues and challenges of delivering facilities within this sector and ensure we meet the needs of our clients at every stage. Clancy delivers facilities ranging from local primary care facilities to state of the art specialist treatment and research hospitals and tertiary centres.

An appreciation of the design process “in the whole” and not restricted knowledge to the civil, structural or building services aspects of a project are crucial when working in this sector. This enables us to be a proactive member of the design team, adding value to the whole process to the benefit of all.

With the advent of partnering in its many guises, we have been instrumental in developing schemes with all parties, clients, fellow professionals, contractors, etc, drawing on, and ensuring the value of all contributions are equally exploited. This is currently being demonstrated through our involvement in the LIFT programme.

Flexible facilities

We recognise the current demands on the National Health Service mean our primary, secondary and tertiary care facilities are seeing a vast increase in the number of patients to be seen and treated. Along with this the government provides guidelines and benchmarks on patients being diagnosed, referred and treated meaning healthcare centres need to meet a number of industry benchmarks.

This demand has influenced the move towards more flexible facilities and refurbishments to improve the facilities and the patient experience.

With the inevitable continued growth in this sector we consider ourselves to be well placed to continuously improve our existing track record.



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