Witch Road, Kilmarnock

A nursery school previously occupied the site and was demolished by the Council under a separate enabling Contract. This was a Design and Build Contract, hence Clancy was part of the McTaggart Construction Design Team.

Clancy provided Civil and Structural engineering services as part of the design team, which covered the design of the flatted units, provision of all detailed design drawings and provision of an SER Design Certificate in support of a Building Warrant Submission. The ground floor was traditional construction and the upper floor was timber frame construction per client requirements.

We also provided the civil engineering design service, designing the road and drainage system, providing detailed drawing information in support of the granting of a Roads Construction Consent submission by East Ayrshire Council, and obtaining Scottish Water and SEPA Approvals for the drainage design.

We attended regular design meetings from early in the design stages to ensure that value engineering was achieved.

The main issue with the site was surface water management and achieving an outfall connection to the existing combined sewer network. Using our previous experience and expertise, we designed the system so the surface water was attenuated to greenfield run-off rates and the sewer connection was formed by constructing a 3.0m deep drop manhole and branch connection into the sewer in Hill Street.

Photovoltaic cells were also installed on the roof to meet renewable energy targets and we checked the truss design to ensure the additional loads had been catered for.

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