Weirston Road, Kilwinning

An award winning project consisting of 64 high quality housing units on a greenfield site for Cunninghame Housing Association. Clancy was part of the Design Team under the Ayrshire Consultants Framework.

The Structural engineering services covered the design of the timber framed single and two storey housing units, all detailed design drawings and SER Design Certificates.

The Civil Engineering service included design of the road, drainage system and providing detailed drawings for submission to North Ayrshire Council & Scottish Water. Technical Approval was obtained from Scottish Water for the drainage system and North Ayrshire Council provided Roads Construction Consent Approval.

The main challenges with the site were mining consolidation works in the south west section of the site, with ground improvement works in the form of vibro stone columns, in the north-east section of the site. The management of the surface water involved some detailed analysis with restrictions on suitable outfalls.

It was also necessary to grade the existing ground to ensure proposed levels minimised the requirement for retaining walls along the site boundaries. This required detailed input from Clancy, regarding proposed levels and surface water flow paths in the event of storm conditions, at an early stage. These issues were all resolved to the satisfaction of North Ayrshire Council, SEPA, and Scottish Water.

The public road where the development is accessed also required to be widened, provided with a footway adjacent the development, and have new speed limit and traffic calming system designed and approved by North Ayrshire Council.

The project won the Large Affordable Housing (Social Rent) category at the Scottish Home Awards 2019.

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