Nuclear Decommissioning, Bradwell Power Station

We were appointed by Vinci Construction, on behalf of the client Magnox Limited, for the Independent Design Verification and Temporary Works advise for the £28 million weather protection envelope at Bradwell Nuclear Power Station in Essex, UK.

The two reactor buildings at the Bradwell site each consist of a reactor, two boiler houses and two circulator halls encompassing a 26,000m² surface area. The weather envelope will cover and protect both buildings and will become a critical milestone towards reaching the passive storage state in 2015.

Following which the buildings are monitored and maintained until the site is completely cleared in about 100 years’ time. By this time the residual radioactivity will have decreased significantly. The design life of the weather envelope will be achieved through a weather tight cladding design and passive ventilation system to remove the need for maintenance activities.

In working with Vinci Construction’s design and construction team on this challenging and important project the collaborative approach between the organisations, Magnox and the NDA has been the key to delivering the design stage of this critical project successfully.

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