Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock

A Church once existed on the site and this was demolished by the Council under a separate contract. The site was identified in the SHIP (Strategic Housing Investment Plan) as a priority project. The project required demolition of a fairly substantial Church and the construction of 10 modern homes for East Ayrshire Council.

Atrium Homes project managed the contract for East Ayrshire Council and this partnering ethos worked well.

Clancy provided Civil and Structural engineering services as part of the design team, which covered the design of the flatted units, provision of all detailed design drawings and provision of an SER Design Certificate in support of a Building Warrant Submission. The ground floor was traditional construction and the upper floor was timber frame construction per Client requirements.

We also provided the civil engineering design service, designing the road and drainage system, providing detailed drawing information in support of the granting of a Roads Construction Consent submission by East Ayrshire Council, and obtaining Scottish Water and SEPA Approvals for the drainage design.

The main challenge with the site was treatment and management of surface water. This required detailed input from Clancy with regard to design levels and flood water flow path. Flooding issues were designed out an an early stage to the satisfaction of East Ayrshire Council’s Flooding Officer, SEPA and Scottish Water.

We attended regular design meetings from early in the design stages to ensure that value engineering was achieved.

Best value and cost planning were key areas assessed at site progress meetings. Variations were addressed at an early date and any cost saving requirements investigated on an on-going basis.

Overall key targets were attained with a high quality project being delivered.

The project was delivered on budget and on time to a very satisfied Client.

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