Digi-Tech Factory, Norwich

The Digi-Tech Factory at City College Norwich (CCN) is a new teaching and learning space which will accommodate all of the college’s digital courses in one purpose-built, high-tech space and facility.

We’re providing GeoEnvironmental, Civil and Structural Engineering services on this project which will enable CCN to significantly increase the number of students and apprentices on digital skills courses, an area that has been identified as a key skills priority locally and nationally.

A fascinating challenge with this structure was the specific attention to detail of the steelwork which will be exposed to provide an industrial factory feel. The exterior of this building is also unique, with secret messages hidden within the perforated steel cladding.

Designed by Coffey Architects, the thoughtful design of this facility perfectly blends the school-like environment with a creative industry atmosphere to prepare students for future employment.

The use of ground-breaking mixed reality holographic technology is also being trialled on the scheme with XLwerks. The use of mixed reality (a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality) enables us to interact with three-dimensional structures in real-time and delivers new, more efficient ways of working, learning and designing for the built environment.

Currently in progress, the project is scheduled for completion in February 2021.

We can’t wait to see this building come to life and provide a new study facility and local centre of excellence for our students and apprentices of the future.

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