Chatham Waters, Kent

A new residential development, which forms part of the wider Chatham Waters development.

The scheme comprises 199 apartments in two blocks linked by a single storey podium level with commercial retail and car parking at ground floor.

The blocks are 11 storeys and 16 storeys, with the main structure consisting of a reinforced concrete frame with concrete cores and columns supporting upper concrete flat slab construction.

The podium link between the two residential blocks provides both private amenity spaces for the 1st floor apartments that face into the garden, together with additional semi-private amenity spaces for the remaining resident. The podium provides a differing scale of space to the individual apartment balconies and has open views out to the waterfront.

Due to the very poor ground conditions consisting of loose made ground a piled foundation solution was used, with pre-cast driven piles being driven down into the chalk strata. The piles were grouped under each column and core position with the transfer of vertical and lateral loads from the above structure to the piles via reinforced concrete pile caps and ground beams. A suspended ground floor was required, which was further complicated due to variations in ground floor levels.

A particular challenging aspect of the design was the requirement to step the front elevation out from the face of the building at ground floor with a further projection for the cantilevered balconies above. This necessitated the design of a cantilevered support beam at first floor to support 15 levels of floor above.

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