The next train to arrive at playground 1 is… a new library and classroom!

Article posted on: 13th September 2021

In a unique project, a real-life, full-size Pacer train has been donated to The Dales School in Blythdale, Northumberland by Porterbrooks.

The former Pacer will now be transformed into a Railway Learning Centre and enjoy its retirement in the playground of the specialist primary school who provide for children with a variety of additional needs.

We provided voluntary engineering services, with our Divisional Director, Chris Lewis, offering investigations and checks on the existing playground to make sure the tracks wouldn’t sink. Also involved were Network Rail, who donated the railway track, a buffer for the train to rest (meaning the train actually looks like it’s on the tracks!) and provided the labour to lay the track in the school yard.

The new Railway Learning Centre will feature a classroom, training facility and one of the more unusual libraries you will come across!

The next arrival – a new platform, which will provide access to the train and make it look like it is really at a station.

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