A coffee with… Andy Kuehl, Senior Structural Surveyor

Article posted on: 28th May 2021

In this edition of our ‘A coffee with’ series, we have a chat with Andy Kuehl who has recently been promoted to Senior Structural Surveyor. Andy joined the business back in 2015 as a Surveyor, so is climbing the ranks and it’s great to see his career development.

Congratulations on your promotion, what does your new role involve? 
To be honest it will not change too much on the day to day. I will continue to carry out site inspections / investigations, report writing, production of contract documents i.e. scope of works and specifications, contract administration and project management. The promotion was more recognition for the increased responsibility I have taken on board for the departments general performance and delivery of work etc.

What was it about Structural Surveying that led you to choosing it as a career?  
You could say the career choose me. I trained as a Structural Engineer and quickly realised that all out design was not for me. I did not like being stuck behind a desk with my head in a calc pad. I wanted to be out there inspecting and diagnosing problems, as well as recommending and managing the remedial solutions. I considered a career change at one point, Building Surveying, but then opportunity at Clancy presented itself and I have not looked back since.

What’s the best thing about working in the Structural Surveying team?  
The variety of work. We get involved in all sorts. One day I might be carrying out a domestic house survey and the next I am wading through streams to inspect the head wall of a culvert.


I suppose I should also mention the great team I work with. The depth of knowledge I have around me is incredible and has been pivotal in my development.

What’s been your biggest project highlight whilst working at Clancy, and also the biggest project challenge you’ve come across  
One project that immediately comes to mind, and unfortunately for PC reasons I cannot tell you the name of it, is an existing residential development. I got involved on my first day with Clancy and the project continued for over two years. My initial involvement was to inspect and report on a number of common defects. Off the back of that, the project evolved into a multimillion pound remedial scheme with a full design team. The residents had to be moved out of their properties and we uncovered so many issues from, a lack of wall ties, unsupported steel baseplates, verticality and alignment issues to collapsed drains. It is probably the single job I have learnt the most on in my career to date.

Describe your perfect Saturday  
Up and out for 8:30am to drop Emma (my wife) off at work. Continue onto baby ballet with Nora (my daughter). Back for 10am, changed, walk Rory (my dog) and get some lunch and coffee whilst out. Back for the Liverpool game, which we win – not been the case so much this season. Pick Emma up at 5:30pm, back home for a takeaway and then a family film night – probably Moana as its Nora’s (and mine if I am honest) favourite. A few beers or bottle red to share with Emma 😊

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