Jack Cozens

A conversation with Jack,
Civil Structural Trainee Technician in our Norwich office

What made you choose a career as a Civil Structural Trainee Technician?

From a young age, I have always wanted to build things, I used to play with toys like Lego all the time so design has always been within my interest.


Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

I originally hadn’t thought about getting an apprenticeship as my school hadn’t advertised them. However, I saw this job opening on a government website and saw that the opening was on a 4-year contract. I then realised that this could be the best way to stay in education but still learn the day to day tricks that are involved with the job, ensuring that I would not only know the information on processes, but how to complete them as well.


How did you obtain your apprenticeship?

I applied using the government website and I am now 8 months into the apprenticeship and my first year of college.


What do you like most about Clancy Consulting?

I like the fact that people go out of their way to help me if I get stuck on certain tasks, they understand that I do not know anywhere near as much as them on the tasks. This then in turn helps me to learn due to the support I receive. I was also very attracted that a selling point for the company was the award received in terms of the way that they treat their staff.


Describe a typical day.

A typical day can include tasks like completing flood risk assessment reports, design and marking up CAD drawings, speaking with councils and other organisations, I am also able to listen to conversations on topics that I am unclear about allowing me to further my learning.


What is your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

My favourite thing about being an apprentice is the fact that I am at work and not college all of the time, I have never been fond of the school system and the way of life within a school, at work however, I feel more comfortable here.


What do your friends and family think of your job/apprenticeship?

My family are really pleased with it, my dad got an apprenticeship when he was my age so is happy that I’m following in his footsteps. All my friends are jealous of my apprenticeship as they never want to go into college and of me being able to work and really enjoy it at the same time.


What are you aspiring to do?

I am aspiring to go onto university one day a week whilst still working at Clancy’s.


What’s been the most interesting thing you have done or learnt?

The most interesting thing that I have learnt to do is use Revit. This is a 3-D model software that allows you to position structural beams correctly.


How have you found the transition of going from school to the workplace?

I have found the change between work and school amazing, I much prefer the deadlines that have to be met when at work as I find the tasks involved enjoyable.


What has surprised you the most about your apprenticeship?

I am most surprised how easy it is to learn whilst at work almost without realising, I can now go to college and teach my peers about topics that I have covered at work.


How will your apprenticeship with Clancy help you to achieve your career goals?

My apprenticeship at Clancy will help me to achieve my goals because I come from a family which isn’t the most well off, working here will allow me to go to university and apply my skills whereas before I couldn’t.

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