Dan Hubbleday

A conversation with Dan,
Building Servies Trainee in our Birmingham office

What made you choose to work as a building services engineer?

Having left college with 3 A-Levels, I knew that I wanted to have a career around engineering and maybe even design engineering. Upon reading the job description for the vacancy at Clancy Consulting, I knew immediately that this was something that I wanted to do as the job gave me a mix of office based work and site visits.


Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

Having researched my options, I knew that an apprenticeship was the best route as I had a guaranteed job at the end of my two-year apprenticeship. Also I would be earning as I was learning; this was something which university did not offer.


How did you obtain your apprenticeship?

I obtained my apprenticeship through researching the different vacancies on offer and then applying through the company website and the National Apprenticeships website.


Where are you currently up to on your apprenticeship?

I have completed my college course and NVQ and I am now undertaking a Degree Apprenticeship whilst still gaining huge amounts of experience during my day-to-day work at Clancy Consulting.


What do you like most about Clancy Consulting?

The friendly and approachable staff were the first thing which attracted me to Clancy’s as they placed an emphasis on training me as an engineer and this is something which immediately took my attention. This has been prevalent throughout my apprenticeship as my colleagues have nurtured me through my first two years.


Describe a typical day

On a typical day, I could be faced with performing design calculations, visiting site or attending a meeting. These tasks are always changing as some days I may be out at a meeting all day, or performing design calculations as part of the design team.


What is your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

The best part of being an apprentice is that you are always surrounded by engineers who have a wealth of knowledge which enables you to gain new skills easily. Not only this, you are also earning whilst you are learning and so you can gain valuable work experience, whilst earning money at the same time!


What do your friends and family think of your job/apprenticeship?

My friends and family think my apprenticeship with Clancy is great. They now wish that they had taken the same route as they have seen a significant development in my professional career, and quickly too.

What are you aspiring to do?

Now I have completed both my NVQ Level 3 and my college course, I intend on becoming an Engineering Technician through CIBSE. I would like to carry on my professional development with Clancy’s after getting my degree by becoming a Chartered Engineer.


Whats been the most interesting thing you have done or learnt?

The most interesting thing which I have done since starting Clancy’s was visiting a site in which I had completed some of the design work. It was fascinating being able to see your design on more than just a piece of paper once it has come to life!


How have you found the transition of going from school to the workplace?

The transition has been difficult yet manageable as the workload is considerably greater than what I had previously experienced at both school and college.


What has surprised you the most about your apprenticeship?

I have been most surprised by how quickly I have been involved in the design work for live construction projects as this was something I was not expecting until I was a qualified engineer.


How will your apprenticeship with Clancy help you to achieve your career goals?

The apprenticeship with Clancy’s will help me to develop as an engineer as the combination of workplace experience and qualifications will enable me to become a mechanical engineer, with the aim of eventually becoming a chartered engineer.


What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

The British Motor Museum, located in Gaydon, houses the world’s largest collection of historic British Cars. It has a huge showroom in which the 250 plus classic cars are stored and these are all now preserved for public viewing. This is my favourite project, on this development I was tasked with completing a small aspect of the design work and then assisting the senior engineers on site during a snagging visit. This proved to be the best project on which I have worked on, as it enabled me to see how my design was included within the finished project.


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